50 More Random Things From My Brain

1) I had a new crown put on today. My tooth hurts a lot right now. A root canal wasn't performed on this tooth and although the dentist says I will be fine in a day or two, I'm convinced I'm going to be in pain until I go back and have a root canal done.

2) Is it wrong to want to punch a snot nose kid at work in the face who I found out was making snide comments about me taking all the time off lately? I'm sorry I have excess accruals I need to get rid of. And why don't you worry about your own pathetic work ethic before you start running your mouth.

3) Hummus is absolutely delicious.

4) I'm enamored by cover songs. I love them.

5) It saddened me the day my supermarket stopped carrying Chocolate Cool Whip and it saddens me still.

6) With great shame I have to admit I forgot yesterday was Ken's birthday until I read about it in an email from Holly... on Ken's birthday. I remembered last week, just not on the actual day. And in a perfect world, because of this, I should never give (F)reddy shit anymore. About anything.

7) This is not a perfect world.

8) The only live album I'm aware was recorded (in full or in part) at a show I was at was the Cowboy Junkies.

9) I had a dream last night that I was at Disney with Taylor, Taffy, Ryan and my co-worker Amiee, who actually leaves for Orlando tomorrow morning.

10) I think it's only fair that Louise give me her Grammy. She has two of them, after all.

11) I'm not feeling as bitter as I was when I was writing numbers one and two of this post. That's good, because fifty bitchy barbs from me just wouldn't make a happy blog post.

12) In the iPod (or iTunes) Shuffle Game, here are the first ten songs that come up for me:
a) "Circle" by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
b) "Trouble" by King
c) "Good Times" by Edie Brickell
d) "Oh Boy!" by Todd Snider & Joe Ely
e) "I Told You So" by New Order
f) "White Christmas" by Los Reyes
g) "I'm Coming Home For Christmas" by Squirrel Nut Zippers
h) "Tin Drum" by Big Pig
i) "The Edge Of America" by Duran Duran
j) "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Johnny Mathis

13) Curt Swan may have had a very plain and simplistic style, but to me, he was THE Superman artist.

14) Heather Locklear did not need that horrible plastic surgery she got. I can't look at her face.

15) On my desktop, I have a constant photo slideshow. Pictures from this year's trip to Disney keep popping up and although I know I'm the same weight now as I was then, I can't help but wish I looked as thin as I do in the pictures. Fucked in the head, that's me. But then last year's pictures pop up and I'm so glad I don't look that big. And I thought I looked great last year.

16) I think I'm hard to live with.

17) I got an unexpected check for $30 in the mail today and my first thought was "FREE MONEY! I'm going shopping!" I could probably use it to pay off some of the crap I've bought lately. That's the responsible thing to do.

18) For someone who hates showtunes and Broadway, I own an awful lot of Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.

19) I saw the first Die Hard movie six times in six different theaters. I don't know what just made me remember that.

20) I'm addicted to the game Text Twirl on Facebook. If you're on Facebook and know about the game, challenge me to a match. I'n not the greatest Text Twirler, but I can hold my own.

21) The old Doom Patrol comics are fucking awesome. I need to finish my collection of the Archive books soon.

22) I've been playing Spades online again and I'm enjoying it. I usually just play against the computer because sometimes playing against actual human beings is annoying when they take forever to make a play.

23) I used to love the Groovy Ghoulies cartoon. I bet if I saw an episode today, it would make me cringe.

24) I'm a roller coaster junkie.

25) I thought that once I left retail, I would start enjoying all things Christmas again. Unfortunately, I discovered that retail wasn't the cause of my hatred of Christmas, it only intensified it. Luckily that intensity is now gone.

26) If I get motivated at the end of this post, I'm going to go back and insert links to various and sundry things mentioned.

27) I'm full of good intentions.

28) I still have a couple of my old issues of Dynamite magazine. I used to love that. I think a lot of people my age have fond memories of Dynamite.

29) The side of me that doesn't give a shit what people think about me and the side of me that does battle it out quite often. Both sides win their various battles, but sometimes it surprises me when one side wins a battle that should easily have gone to the other side.

30) I crave solitude as much as Ken craves attention. Tell me again how this relationship works sucessfully.

31) I have two superhero boyfriends. One is Jack Knight. The other is Jack Hawksmoor.

32) I haven't been able to go more than 12 hours at one time without hearing Ken bring up the cruise we're going on A YEAR FROM NOW. He's managed to bring it up on three seperate occasions since he got home from work tonight so far.

33) I'm so proud of myself. I managed to get my Christmas cards written, stamped and mailed already. I used to be so much better about it. It used to be that I'd start them on Thanksgiving and get them in the mail by December 1st. The last couple of years they kept getting later and later. This year they are done and out at a respectible time. And I promise to keep up on updating addresses this year as they arrive. No, for real!

34) I wish I retained more of the German I learned back in high school. I still remember more than I thought I did, but I wish I remembered more.

35) I don't miss soda as bad as I thought I would. It's been almost 15 months now and while I'm allowed to drink it if I want, I really don't have any desire. Who the hell would have ever believed that?

36) It annoys me that Joan Osborne isn't bigger than she is. She got brushed aside after her one hit and is now relagated to the One Hit Wonder file. She's amazing and continues to put out great albums.

37) I wish there was an IKEA closer to here. I believe the two closest are in New Haven, CT and Paramus, NJ.

38) It's the little things.

39) I don't know why I can't keep my desk (or my life, for that matter) clutter free. The second I have the clutter picked up, put away or thrown out, new clutter immediately descends.

40) Remind me, I need to write to my sister once I finish this list. I know I'm going to forget and that's going to irk me later.

41) I found out last week that the store I worked in for the majority of my adult working life is closing after the holidays. I really don't know how I feel about it. I spent so much time there and really grew to hate the place. I still have nightmares related to the place. But there was a time when I actually kind of liked going to work there. Those days disappeared over ten years before I finally left, though. I'm neither happy nor sad at this point. I think if this occurred right after I left, I'd be doing a happy dance. But I'm just apathetic about it now.

42) I'm getting very excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Two more weeks... two more weeks....

43) Why do all the fun and quirky shows I love never last? Used to love Twin Peaks. Cancelled after two seasons. I adored Arrested Development. Cancelled after 3 seasons. Pushing Daisies? Gone after 1 1/2 seasons. Bah. Maybe that's why I've switched over to most quality shows like Charm School.

44) Nobody knows the full me. I hold back from everyone to varying degrees. I find it hard to open up to most people. I don't know how much of it is because I fear getting hurt and how much if it is I fear looking like a retard. And I internalize a lot of stuff. That's the only coping skill I think I ever learned and it's really unhealthy.

45) This is only the third day in a row I've worn these pants. (Wait, should I be bragging about that?)

46) Never mind reminding me about writing to my sister. I just did. This list is getting harder and harder to do the closer to the bottom I get. Speaking of my sister, I call her "Hon" and she hates it. And the more she hates it, the more I call her it. I'm an asshole like that.

47) I just discovered that the unreleased album by Danielle Brisebois is now available on iTunes and in Amazon's mp3 store. How excited am I by that?

48) I'm not a big movie person, but I will go see any Christopher Guest movie.

49) Ken just called me into his office to bring up the cruise... AGAIN. Seriously, I am so fucking ready for this thing to be over with so I don't have to hear about it again.

50) I voted for Ed on the Biggest Loser last night. He and his team of vicious harpy bitches wanted America to vote for Heba, so I didn't. Go Michelle!!!!


Fairy Princess Holly said...

First, yay you for voting for Ed...we did from all of our cell phones too. I hate that awful cunt Heba.

Danielle Brisbois...I LOVE Stephanie!

Dynamite ROCKS! I have some old ones saved, too. Also , Hotdog. Do you remember that one?

You are fabulous!

Those are my random thoughts!

Breenlantern said...

I want to punch most of the people I currently work with in the mouth. They all need to shut up and learn to mind their own business.

I Love Hummus.

I forgot our 11 year anniversary :-(

I agree - Curt Swan was THE Superman artist.

I think I'm hard to live with.

I love the Die Hard movies.

I love The old Doom Patrol

I used to love the Groovy Ghoulies cartoon.

I'm full of good intentions.

"The side of me that doesn't give a shit what people think about me and the side of me that does battle it out quite often. Both sides win their various battles, but sometimes it surprises me when one side wins a battle that should easily have gone to the other side." We're very alike in this, too.

I love Jack Knight AND Jack Hawksmoor. 2 of my favorite male characters.

I just started working on my Christmas cards tonight. I used to start them on...you guessed it...Thanksgiving weekend to have them done BY Dec 1 (NO LIE.)

I took German in high school, wasn't available in college, and also wish I retained more of it. I use what few phrases I remember as often as possible.

I drink diet soda occasionally but could easily live without it. Before i was with Jeffrey, I never drank it.

I want to live in an IKEA. I wish there was one closer to here. We plan to rent a van and take a field trip there after the holidays.

Mine get canceled too: Arrested Development, Greg The Bunny, Firefly, Wonderfalls, Buffy

I own all the Christopher Guest movies. Love them. recite them. Shall we do a marathon?

I'm just saying...

wcs said...

I wanted to punch a lot of people I worked with; I also wanted to punch myself from time to time. I stopped working.

I stopped sending Christmas cards, except to people who don't have a computer, like my gram.

Fave cartoon: Fractured Fairy Tales. There's some deep hidden meaning in there somewhere...

I took French in elementary, jr. high, high, and college. Now I live in France.

I quit drinking soda in 1982. Can't stand the stuff anymore.

IKEA frightens me, but they have some good shit.

You may get tired of your readers dumping all this no-longer-random stuff on you. ;)

(F)redddy said...

I wish I would have retained the German that I learned the 12 years I lived in Germany!

I loved your 50 random things. You're a gem. Truly, truly outrageous.

erik98122 said...

So tell me more about that cruise!
Sorry couldn't resist!

After reading this list I realize I adore you even more!