I'm exhausted and I don't know why I'm still up. I've been playing on the computer since I got home from dinner while I could have been doing something a little more constructive. (Speaking of which, I forgot I have one more load in the dryer that I need to fold and put away. Grrrr....) Even while on the computer, I could have been doing something more constructive, like paying the bills that are sitting here. Guess that will wait for tomorrow when I waste the whole day sitting at the computer again.

I really should be in bed now. The cats got me up early. And by cats, I mostly mean Ollie. Lucy was sound asleep on me (who was also sound asleep) when Ollie decided she had enough daddy time and he wanted to lay on me. So he climbed up, attacked Lucy, they fought for a minute until Lucy hightailed it away, and then Ollie took her spot. I, in turn, kicked him off the bed and got up. This was around 5:30am. I've been up ever since. Surprisingly, I've been in a banner mood all day. I should have turned super crabby by lunch time as the tired started to catch up with me, but it didn't happen. Will wonders never cease?

I didn't post anything yesterday, so to make up for it, I'm going to post two Christmas songs tonight. Hurrah. The first one is by one of the greatest bands ever. It's "Thanks For Christmas" by XTC.

"Thanks For Christmas" - XTC

The second song sounds dirty, but it's not. It's called "Christmas At The Triple X Ranch" by the Riders In The Sky.

"Christmas At The Triple X Ranch" - Riders In The Sky

And finally, I just saw this pop up on digg.com. I'm very amused by it. Someone is probably looking for a new job right now....

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Alissa said...

Brilliant! I'm glad I clicked on that video, that made my night, haha!

She looks mortified about it too. Can you imagine having people yelling in your ear like that all day and having to ignore them? Glad I never went into the news biz.