November Challenge - Day Two

Okay, so yesterday's post was lame, but I didn't really think about it until it was too late and I barely even got up to post as it was. Today's post is better. Much better.

Is it possible that today is the greatest day of the year? If not, it's damn close. Here's why I'm finding today so good.

1) I weighed in today, like every Sunday. And I was hoping and praying to see 190. I've been stuck at 191 and I thought this week it would be a nice change. However, I wasn't going to get upset to see something above 191. The last few days I've been a little naughty. On Thursday there were cookies at work. Since they were placed in the empty cube in front of me, I had easy access. I ate a lot of cookies. On Friday, we had donuts to celebrate Halloween. I said I wasn't going to partake, but there were chocolate covered Boston cream donuts. And then for dinner on Friday I made a poor (but delicious) choice. With all that being said, I couldn't believe what lies the scale told me today. I'm at 188 pounds. 188! I weighed myself three times and got the same number. It must be a fluke, but I'm running with it. Naturally, my first thought after "Holy Shit!" was "Now what am I going to eat today?" I've been good so far. I had hummus for lunch, even though I wanted everything on the Wendy's drive through menu. And I'm eating the tiniest pack of Reese's Pieces you've ever seen while I'm typing this.

2) Chores are (almost) non-existent today. I got more than enough done yesterday that I only had to run the dishwasher and do two loads of laundry. I was hoping for only one load since I did all the laundry yesterday. I needed to wash the guest room sheets, but somehow Ken had managed to compile an entire load of clothes for me to do in addition to the sheets. HOW?

3) This extra hour thing is the best invention ever. My body is telling me it's 4:30, but the clock is telling me it's 3:30. Just when I think I've dicked the entire day away, I realize that it's not as bad as I thought. I wish we could turn the clocks back an hour every Saturday night.

4) The house is quiet. Very quiet. Ken flew out on a business trip first thing this morning and I've had the whole house to myself all day. There's nothing better than a mental health day. They're so good, I'm taking tomorrow off of work, too, and vegging out. I can't tell you the last time I had two days to myself with nothing to do. No work, (mostly) no chores, no human interaction. I'm soaking up the quiet. I caught up on everything on the dvr and once that was over, the iPod took the place of the tv. This is great. My plan for tonight is to watch my stories (Amazing Race and Charm School... I'm ticked I forgot to tape the preview showing this moorning) and hopefully finish up the second season of Dynasty. I've got two episodes left and I can get through those pretty easily. (Season three is on my Christmas list)

5) I noticed I'm just a few visits shy of having 6000 page hits since installing the visit counter back in March. That blows my mind. Six thousand visits? Thank you for visiting! I mean it.

How was your Sunday?


Lauren said...

My Sunday was fabulous, I found sneakers at DSW AND had a coupon! We love cheap shoes!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Yay for Walt! You've needed something to take you out of your funk! Skinny bitch! Now go eat some cupcakes!

(F)redddy said...

If I find out Ken's business trip is in San Antonio and you didn't come with him you'll be dead in my eyes. Just saying.

Congrats on being in the 80's. I hate you.

The kids have been fussy all day. They're having a hell of a time adjusting to their extra hour. I don't know if Jed and I will actually make it to the "new" 730.

Nessa said...

Congrats sweetheart! I am so proud of you! i was at work all day so today was ok. I making soup! yay!

Call me if you get bored this week while Ken's gone!

Love ya!


Candy said...

Yay for Walt!!