November Challenge - Day Four

I'm going to keep this short and sweet tonight. It's election day and I need to climb into bed with a nice big piece of chocolate pudding pie and watch the returns. I spent the entire day very emotional whenever I would start thinking about the election. By the time I got to my polling place, I was bouncing off the walls, thrilled to death to be able to cast my vote. I overheard one of the volunteers while I was in my voting booth say how great it was to see someone so excited to vote. And I was. I'm a shy person by nature but I was chatting up a storm with the volunteers. I was having a truly good time.

Now it's time to watch the votes come in. Senator Obama has a slight lead in the popular vote as of this writing. Only two states have projected winners and forty-eight to go. I'm trying to stay positive and I really want my candidate to win. I'll be crushed if he doesn't. We'll see... It's going to be a long night.

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Lauren said...

I'm watching the elections in bed with chocolate, too! and merlot!