Do This

Okay, just do this. Go to this website and click the boxes you think best describe me. Be honest. You can be anonymous if you want, you can identify yourself if you want. But please be honest, even if you don't think I'd agree. I'm curious is all.

And then when you're done with that, really let the hot truth spill. Go here. And since this is the nasty version of that one and you want to be anonymous, do so, but be brutally honest. Remember, 2008 is all about learning more about myself and this is an amazing tool for me to do that.


(F)redddy said...

Always trying to get me to play with your tool.

Dane said...


I didn't do the less pleasant one because I couldn't find more than one word that suited (and I looked, believe me! :D ). "Unhappy" - because I feel like you're never happy with yourself and the amazing things you can do.

Your new blog picture is hot stuff, you sexy thing.

Rachel said...

I really hope this helps open your eyes more and gives you the power to change for the better (if you feel a change is in need!)