November Challenge - Day Fifteen

Half way through the month!

One of the issues I have with myself is my waning attention span. The older I get, the less of one I seem to have. I can't sit still and do one thing for very long (unless it's procrastinating online). I could have a large pile of comics I'm anxious to read and only look through a couple of them before I need to go do something else. I could be cleaning the house and find that after only one room, I'm over it and go slack off somewhere else. You get the idea. For Christmas last year, I got the first two seasons of Dynasty. I was very excited and couldn't wait to watch them. Well, as you can probably foresee, it took me forever to get through both sets. As much as I enjoyed them and was anxious to watch, it took me almost an entire year to watch them. I'd average about one episode a week and then, you guessed it, lose interest.

That all being said, I have to tell you what I just did. Over the course of the last week, I watched the entire run of Square Pegs. I got the series as a gift from J Z at the end of August. I didn't want to start watching it until I finished up Dynasty, so it sat for two months until I could do just that. Last Saturday night I popped the first disc in, figuring I would watch two, maybe three episodes. Instead, I took in all 7 episodes on the disc as well as all the special features. Last night I popped in disc two and tonight I just finished up disc three. I had the best time watching the show, too. While it wasn't the greatest show on tv, I have nothing but fond memories of it. I've seen episodes here and there over the years on cable and would watch them and think about how the show just wasn't as good as I remembered it being. But I have to say that watching the entire output like this, the show really was as good as I remember. A couple of the earlier shows are kind of awkward and clunky, but once you get past them, it really picks up. The cast seems like they're more comfortable with each other, the writing gets sharper... It was a true joy to watch.

Anyone not familiar with the show, it was about two dorky high school freshmen girls and their desire to fit in and be part of the cool crowd. Sarah Jessica Parker played one of the girls. The show also starred Jami Gertz and Tracy Nelson in their first big roles.

Hulu has a bunch of the episodes available to watch on their website. I'm embedding one here. The episode features Jami Gertz's character Muffy's new wave Bat Mitzvah with Devo.


The Smiths said...

This show kept me from slitting my wrists in high school. I felt like such a weirdo and these girls seemed to be just like me.

I miss Johnny Slash, tho.

Breenlantern said...

I loved Square Pegs..one size does not fit all

square pegs square pegs square pegs

i'm with you on the attention span issues...is it age doing it to us? I use to spend weekends reading comics...now i spend 30 minutes at a time at most...can barely sit rhough and hour of anything except Buffy...all hail Buffy) I want to draw and play trombone but quickly tire of the focus and want to move on...I spend most of my time trying to decide what to do and find I have spent all my time doing absolutely nothing...sitting still is hard for me as well...why why why? I need a pill that relaxes me and mellows me out without putting me to sleep...so i can focus on something...anything...for an extended period of time...don't think I'm ADD, just...I dunno...easily distracted?

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