November Challenge - Day Twenty-Four

Fifty Random Statements

*I worry about my weight every day.
*I am madly in love with DC Comics' Showcase Presents line.
*My earliest celebrity crush was on Howard Jones.
*I am way pettier than I let on.
*I've met the Indigo Girls, Reba McEntire and the girls from Expose.
*I was written into an issue of Wonder Woman and then promptly killed off.
*Walt Disney World is my favorite place to vacation to.
*I spent an unhealthy amount of time on the internet.
*My favorite smell is that of baking chocolate.
*I am a music elitist.
*I would love to go to Germany someday.
*I can't drink rum.
*I am epileptic.
*I sometimes have trouble with the words "past" and "passed."
*My all-time favorite singer is Tina Turner.
*Starboy is the hottest member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
*I once had dinner at Fred Hembeck's house.
*I love my cats more than I love anyone in my life except for Ken.
*It's been 421 days since my last soda.
*I love porn but am ashamed to admit it.
*I am very sentimental.
*My comic book obsession is taking over my life.
*Muriel's Wedding is the greatest movie of all time.
*I would like to get married someday.
*I wish I was best friends with Lisa Loeb and Jill Sobule.
*Old, drugged out Judy Garland was far superior to young, drugged out Judy Garland.
*I wish I read more.
*I am obsessed with my iTunes music library.
*I will weigh myself, pee, and then weigh myself again.
*I own Chastity Bono's album.
*I hate what has happened to the Marvel Family.
*My favorite soap opera is Guiding Light.
*I could eat an entire can of cake frosting in one sitting.
*I think Alex Puccio is the bravest man I know.
*When I was ten years old, I wanted to be Kid Flash.
*I do not have a green thumb.
*I have trouble dressing myself.
*I am stubborn.
*I share my birthday with Tina Fey.
*I dreamed about Betty White the other night.
*I've met so many wonderful friends via the internet. I'm thankful to know them.
*I'm a creature of habit, much to my husband's chagrin.
*I find detached earlobes much sexier than attached earlobes.
*I enjoy my job immensely.
*I hate my bad skin.
*I met Bob Haney once. He was surprised I knew who he was.
*I would give my left nut to be on Survivor.
*I don't make enough time to see friends.
*I am afraid of the unknown.
*I once ate an entire meal of just Andie's Candies and I got very sick from it.


Mandie said...

You are so awesome Walt! I love you so hard core! xoxo

(F)redddy said...

Are you sure this is the list you want to go with? It makes you sound gay.

Alex said...

Seeing my name was totally unexpected, but thank you. If you wrote a book of just things like this about yourself, I'd read it all the time.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

1 Random Statement:
I adore you! :)