November Challenge - Day Twenty-Nine

I'm going to make this short. I'm still feeling pretty crappy and I don't want to sit on the computer all day (well, yes I do want to sit on the computer all day, but I really shouldn't. Being offline most of yesterday was painful. It's made me realize exactly how addicted to the internet I am. And that's why I don't want to sit on the computer all day....). I have things around the house that I could do and should do, like putting a dent into my backlog of trade paperbacks, or watching some of the dvds I just bought. Simple, non-taxing things.

I slept for about twelve hours last night. I really needed it. Between the stress of the last week and the strep, I was completely spent. The way I'm feeling now, I could probably lay down and take a nice nap, too. And I just might.

Even though it goes against Rule Number One, I want Ken to take me out to dinner tonight. It's the least I deserve, right? I barely ate anything yesterday, mostly because swallowing anything hurt. Swallowing still hurts right now, but luckily the antibiotics have kicked in and the pain is less severe than yesterday. Oh, what's Rule Number One, you ask? Well, Rule Number One about me is that when I'm sick, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. When I am sick, I can't stand anyone bothering me, babying me, coddling me. I kind of wish everyone else on the face of the earth was dead. What's funny about this is Ken is the complete opposite. When he's sick, he demands 150% attention and babying. This usually is a problem, because when he's sick, I like to apply my Rule Number One to him and leave him the fuck alone. When I'm sick, he hovers over me. It's best in my house when no one is sick.

I was very happy that I caught up on most all of my email earlier in the week, but it's starting to build up again and I just don't have the energy right now. Maybe later or tomorrow.....

Today's Christmas song is one of my all-time favorites. It's "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses. I used to love the Waitresses. Still do, in fact. I could listen to them everyday if I could. I'm still really bummed out that Patty Donohue died (has it really been 12 years already?). Anyway, here's today's song.


Nessa said...

glad you are feeling better my darling. I think Ken should clean up around the house and leave you alone to read your stories. You are sick after all!


Breenlantern said...

Big Shock: I, too am a "LMTFA" person when I'm sick...prefer to shut out the world and just be alone. My hubby is more of a "baby me" kinda guy.

Out of respect for your illness, I will make NO jokes about all the comments on swallowing...now get at them TPBs!

Today's word verification: mencroc...he he he

[LaLa] Lauren said...

I like that song too! (= The untraditional ones are the xmas songs I like.

(F)redddy said...

OMG! I am you, Jed is Ken, WE ARE Y'ALL!

Leaving you the fuck alone.