November Challenge - Day Twenty-Eight

...or "How I Spent My Black Friday Morning"

Did you ever watch FRIENDS? I used to love the show and watched it religiously for most of it's run. I remember Monica's father had the saying "pulled a Monica" which meant that someone did something that turned out wrong or worse. Well, over the years, Ken has adopted that and changed it to "pulled a Walter," and I have to say I can't really argue with him over that. Today was a prime example of me "pulling a Walter."

This has been a trying week. It has been anything but the restful, happy and stress free week I've been looking for. Yesterday was the closest to that, with one exception. I had a sore throat and was feeling a little run down. I thought to myself, all I need is a really solid night of sleep and everything will be better. Well, I got that (mostly) really good night of sleep last night, only to wake up to one of the most painful sore throats I've ever had. That's when I knew it. It's gotta be strep throat. So I shower and run over to my doctor's office. It's only 3 minutes from the house. Because of the holiday weekend, they are closing at noon today and therefore not taking any walk-ins today. Grrrr.. Luckily, there's an urgent care between my house and the doctor's office. But they don't open for another hour. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.... There's another urgent care about 15 minutes away. I get there about 15 minutes before they open, so in the meantime, I call Ken and tell him I don't feel well, I'm annoyed that the doctor wasn't taking walk-ins and the urgent care by the house is closed. I tell him I'm at the other urgent care and for him not to call me, I'll call him when I'm done. I guess I though that was enough information for him not to worry, but I was wrong. It threw him into a panic. He tried calling me, but I turned my phone off. (The urgent care went into overdrive posting "No Cell Phone" signs all over the waiting room.) He freaked out, left me two voice mails and then set out to find me. He thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke or something. You see, I hate the doctor. I hate going quite a bit. I don't ever like to go voluntarily. I have to admit, I'm better now than I used to be, but I still don't like going, so for me to call Ken and tell him I don't feel well and I'm at the doctor....

I have my appointment and sure enough, it's strep throat, just like I thought it was. I call Ken as soon as I'm out and he tells me he's half way to the urgent care. And he's crying. You need to understand, Ken doesn't cry. He's dead on the inside. And I instantly get upset that I upset him. I feel like crap enough as it is. Now I'm upset that he's upset. So that's how I pulled a Walter today.

And I guess posting on Twitter that I'm at the urgent care and then turning off my phone isn't the brightest idea. I didn't think much about it when I did it, but then I turn my phone back on and I have a handful of voicemails and text messages. Sorry, my friends. I didn't mean to alarm you. Like I said before, I pulled a Walter.

Ken made me promise that when I got home, I'd climb in bed, watch tv, read and nap. So that's what I'm going to do. But I wanted to get my daily blog post up. Only two more and I've completed my challenge! Hurrah!

For today's Christmas song, I picked something fitting for today's blogpost. The song is by Nancy LaPlante and it's called "Debbie's Last Christmas." It's about a little dying girl. It's really a horrible song, but one of those horrible songs that I ended up putting on a lot of mixtapes over the years. And since I'm on my death bed today, you get to hear about Debbie on her's, too. Enjoy.


Breenlantern said...

Oh my special new dear friend Walter. You and I were separated at birth ( I own all seasons of friends and watch them every night before going to sleep) and I "pull a Sean" more often than I care to admit ( yeah, I get the sexual innuendo with that)

I hope you feel better soon and the main decreases every hour be you get tons of rest snuggled in your nice warm bed. If it makes you feel better, I'm posting this from lunch at work in my cold car in the parking lot so it could be worse *smirk*


Nessa said...

I hope you feel better soon my dear. And how sweet is Ken to worry about you?


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Glad it was just strep!! Don't you dare scare me like that again with the twitters! Feel better! :)

(F)redddy said...

Pulling a Sean and a Walter sounds like just what I need right about now. My family has exhausted me to the point my joints ache tonight. A nice tug and a good nights sleep sounds heavenly right now.

wcs said...

Ok, this is totally off topic, but I just found your blog and am having a bizzaro moment.

You see, my name is Walt, and I'm from Albany (living in France now). My partner's name is Ken. I'm a middle aged homo, too.

I'm hearing Twilight Zone music in my head.