November Challenge - Day Eighteen

This counts, right? I was just laying in bed, watching the Fattest Loser and I remembered that I didn't post anything here. So this is all I've got for today. I'll try to be better tomorrow. I promise. You know, next time I decide to do a post a day for an entire month, I better make sure I have two things.... time and topics. I've been pretty devoid of both. I suck.


Rachel said...

You totally could have talked about the Biggest Loser, or at least said how badly you just want to smack Vicki. And if you don't want to smack her, you can talk about how much I want too, lol.

Mandie said...

Or you could talk about how stupid that girl was to give the final vote to send Coleen home and keep the mean, hateful, b*tch Vicky. Boo for bad judgement on her part. BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'd so love to smack Vicky upside her big ol head really hard. :)

Kevin in Danbury said...

Next time just wait until February since it has the least days hehe

Breenlantern said...

you can post one new thing you like about me every day for the rest of the month...will that help? I know it will help me!