Well, So Much For That

I'm disgusting. I am really disappointed in myself. Today Ken and I went down to our friends Andy & Tanya's house for Game Day. We usually have a Game Night, but they just had their second child and getting to go out at night is now next to impossible for them. So they hosted and we made an afternoon of it. Lynn & Lori, our usual hosts, also joined us. And I ate. And ate. And ate. Lori brought the most amazing buffalo chicken wing dip. I could have eaten the whole plate of it. Tanya made another kind of dip that I devoured. I also had a Quarter Pounder in the car on the way down. And we brought chocolate cheesecake, of which I had two slices. I bet I ate more calories today than I did in a normal 3 day weekend. I don't know why I did it. This is going to have an adverse impact on my weight. At least I started eating after my weekly weigh in, which was back down to 198. If I see anything in the 100s again this week, it will be a fucking miracle.

I'm going to go lay down and be miserable now.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Yeah, I was good all day until dinner. We had Taco Bell, then I ate my weight in Easter candy. My tummy feels BAD now. :)

Melanie said...

Oh, I hear you, sweetie.

But you know what? It's a hitch, that's all. Everyone -- EVERYONE -- has the occasional day where they eat everything that isn't nailed down. You aren't alone in this. So tomorrow, you compensate by eating lots of healthy stuff and taking a good long walk. It is physiologically impossible for you to lose all the good work you've done with one calorie-heavy day -- in fact, since you're more active now the chances are that you won't put much, if anything, back on.