More Than Six

Months, that is.  Monday marked the conclusion of my six month soda fast.  I originally was going to try for a month, which turned into two months, which turned into 100 days, which turned "wait until I hit 200 pounds," which turned into 6 months.  I hit that goal at the beginning of the week, but I've extended it just one more time.  I get my teeth cleaned tomorrow and I haven't had a soda since my last cleaning.  And I've noticed the difference that has made.  My teeth are usually so stained from all the carbonated goodness that is soda that I get a lecture from my dental hygenist.  This time I'm guessing the only lecture I'm going to get is about getting my rear wisdom teeth extracted.  I get that lecture at every cleaning and I promptly put it out of my head until the next time.  

It's funny, because now that I can have soda, I don't really want any.  My cravings for it disappeared about three months ago, give or take.  During the first three months, I would get nasty cravings for it time and again.  I do miss it and I will try to befriend it again, but I'm hoping we only stay acquaintances this time, not BFFs.

(I'm trying to write this from work and email it to the blog.  Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes not.  I hope it works.)


Melanie said...

You too? Every visit, like clockwork, my dentist wants to know why I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth out yet. Um, because there's nothing wrong with them?

Alex said...

I've been off of soda for like 2 months or something. :D I never have cravings anymore. It's awesome.

Also, you should probably watch that video I posted on my blog. And comment on how fucking sexy my voice is.