I think I may have bitched here before that I spend entirely too much time playing on the computer. I spend sick amounts of time doing basically nothing. This is time that I could spend watching tv, cleaning the house, doing yard work, reading.... you name it. I'm trying to set time limits now. Monday night I told myself I could have one hour and that's it. I took and hour and ten minutes, but that's still amazing for me. Tonight I'm giving myself an hour and fifteen minutes. I turned the computer on at a quarter to seven and I'm signing off at 8. I have more than enough stuff to do around the house that I keep putting off. It's a whole new me. :-)

The weather is starting to show signs of spring. The last couple days have been in the high 50s or low 60s. Monday I walked half way home from work. Yesterday I walked all the way home from work. And I did the same today. It felt really good to do it. My feet are a little sore from all the walking all of a sudden, but they're good. Hopefully this will help undo some of the weekend eating, too. I overindulged just a little bit tonight, but I was hungry. And after that walk, I'm hoping my metabolism was still running higher than usual.

Nessa messaged me a little while ago asking if I wanted to do the Archerr Gang Bang show with her tonight. I'm really not in the mood to be chatty, so I said no. Almost any other night I would have said yes, but I think this would prolong my computer usage tonight. I'm not having it!

That's me today.

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Melanie said...

Good for you. Now, the next time you're on the computer, you could always put an additional blog into your Blogs I Like list. Not that I'm hinting or anything...