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I'm just getting ready to leave work.  I can't believe I managed to put in any overtime tonight, much less two hours.  It's really nice out still.  It was supposed to be dreary and rainy, which is why I decided to stay tonight, but now it looks like that's going to happen later tonight and tomorrow.  But I got a couple hours in and that's what counts.  I'm kind of sweating, too.  For overtime, a supervisor had me lug around a couple dozen cartons of unsorted folders and then put them in order.  I didn't think I'd get it done, but I did.  My fingers feel very, very gross now.  Old folders will do that to you.  Now to track down someone to sign my time card.

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Melanie said...

Enjoy the nice weather while you've got it -- I think the craptacular winds and rain that we just got here are heading northeast.