My Turn To Be A Lemming

I was surfing through a bunch of my favorite blogs earlier today and I read this one on Pod Is My CoPilot. Taylor bought something to play his iPod through and he got it super cheap. Being the cheap ass bastard I am, I took notice and decided to make a trip to Best Buy myself. I've been looking for something to hook my iPod up to so I can listen to it downstairs without headphones. But everything I've looked at is just plain too expensive for how much I would really use it. So I keep putting off getting something.

Anyway, I check out what Taylor bought and thought it was okay, but I started looking around more. The thing he bought was marked $25.99 on clearance. At my Best Buy, it was $32.99 on clearance. Still, it's originally $69.99. Still a great price. But then I saw this (sorry for the link instead of a picture, but blogspot isn't allowing me to upload pictures at the moment. Grrrr...) More features, still on clearance and only $30.99, marked down from $99.99. SOLD! I actually had a choice of getting it in black or in white. I chose white because it was $19 less than the black one. I'm guessing the white ones just sat there on the shelves while the black found homes. I just got home a little while ago, tested it out and the sound is great. I'm very happy with my purchase. Very happy. Ken's so happy with it that he's thinking of going back and getting another one for his office.

Switching gears, today is Sunday, so it's weigh in day. I shocked the crap out of myself when I weighed in at 198 today. Every single day this week I've been above 200. I was paying the price for last Sunday. I was really expecting to hit right around 200. Last time we had Game Night I gained 3 pounds for the week. It took me until that next week to get back down to where I was pre-gorging myself. I tried to be really good most of this week and it did pay off. This makes the fifth consecutive weigh in below 200 pounds. I couldn't be happier.


Melanie said...

Lyndon bought me an iPod sound system for Christmas -- it's not like yours or Taylor's, but I love the shit out of it and the sound is faboo. It sits in my office so that I can listen to music or podcasts while I work on websites.

And congrats on the scale reading! Toldja the weight wasn't permanent. :-)

Southern Boy said...

Congrats, Walt! Soooo cool. :-)
I just ht 18.5 pounds this morning after 5 days of being oddly up (swings are weird).
I'm 10 pounds off my all-time low, then ten more to go. UGH. I hate dieting.