Dial "H" For Homo

As any reader of this blog will know, I'm a huge comic book geek. Love comics. Have loved them most of my life. I find no shame in my comic geekdom and I wear it proudly. My cube at work is covered in comic pictures and action figures. I have an entire room dedicated in my house to my comics and toys (well, mainly because Ken doesn't want that stuff in the rest of the house, but still...) I've spent the majority of my life participating in comics fandom in one form or another. I've been to conventions, I was a member of various apas, I've participated in message boards... Well, now I have another outlet for my geekdom. That outlet is Dial "H" For Homo. It's a new comics oriented podcast featuring me along with four other faboo homos from four other awesome podcasts. There's Michael from the QCast Connection, Taylor from Pod Is My CoPilot, Eric from Confession of a Southern Boy In Yankeeland and Wes from Live It Up! Five gays with five different perspectives on comics. Our first teaser episode is up (Issue 0) at the Dial "H" For Homo website, so go check it out. You'll also find links there for our individual podcast sites.


Melanie said...

I'll be listening!

Southern Boy said...

So very exciting, yes? :-)

Sasha said...

I'm a little behind right now, but I'll be listening too. I am not as "into" comics as I was at one time but I still have this crazy geeky love for comics. I was so into Preacher and Hellboy and DeadPool and I'm still a sucker for any movie made from a comic. You all are going to end up making me into a full-blown comic geek again, aren't you! Damnit!