So, as I stated before, I ate my weight in shit at Tanya's house on Sunday. I was pretty upset with myself for doing it, too. I really have issues with self-control sometimes. Anyway, I wasn't happy with myself on Monday morning either. I got on the scale to discover that I was 5.1 pounds heavier than I was Sunday morning. Five point one. That wasn't pleasant to find. And then, I get in to work yesterday and Rosey had backed a couple of cakes, just because. It killed me to turn down cake. Especially Rosey's cake. She's the most amazing chef. But I did it. And I walked most of the way home from work. This morning's weigh in was much more promising. I'm only 1.6 pounds heavier than I was on Sunday. If I keep it up, I'll be back to normal by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. But I'm still pissed off at my actions.


Southern Boy said...

Don't hate yourself too much. Your body'll regulate it and I'll bet you even end the week down a little. I had a ridiculous weekend just passed and still lost a pound on the week. It's possible!

Nessa said...

yea, what Eric said! Look at the big picture...You freaking lost sooo much, flucuating (im sure thats spelled wrong) 5 pounds is nothing in comparison to what you have done. You know these comments should have spell check!

Melanie said...

Indeed, darlin' -- listen to Eric and Nessa. Also, it is physiologically impossible to gain 5 pounds in a single day -- you just can't do it, honest. The bulk of it will be food in your system and water weight, and as you can tell most of it is already gone.

Some fluctuation is normal. Don't worry about that -- instead (channeling Taylor here) try and figure out why you felt the need to eat what you did at Tanya's. Was it stress-related? You're starting a new podcast this week -- no one would blame you if you were stressed about that. Or maybe you felt that you wouldn't have access to one of the foods again and decided to "stock up," as it were, while you had the chance. In which case, you could get the recipe so that you could make it for youself -- that way, you could have control over your access to it.

In the end, hon, you didn't do anything irreversible. You recognized what you were doing, took steps to correct it, and things are going back to normal. So stop beating yourself up -- that's Nessa and Holly's job. :-D

erik98122 said...

keep on truckin man!! Don't beat yourself up too badly...life is too short to not let yourself enjoy the wonders of yummy yummy food! I'm still mighty proud of what you have accomplished!


Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

If there's anything I'm good at, it's beating myself up. And I know this sounds wrong, but it does keep me on the straight and narrow. I know when I do bad and I can try and correct it.

Mel, one of my biggest problems is self control. I usually don't have bad stuff in the house to gorge on because I know my weaknesses. Lori made buffalo chicken dip that was amazing. I couldn't stop, it was so good. I should get the recipe, but then I'll make it and that's bad. :-)

Today was a pretty good day. As penance, I walked home from work. I usually only walk part of the way home, but today it was so nice out, I decided that the whole way would be better. It takes about an hour. I feel really good about myself right now for doing it.

And I appreciate you guys and your cheerleading. It also helps to keep me in line.

Melanie said...

Hey, that's what we're here for (the cheerleading, I mean -- you're doing a dandy job of keeping yourself in line.