My Saturday

What a great day it was today. The forecast was rainy and 50's. The reality was sunny and mid 70s. I don't know what the hell happened, but it was amazingly beautiful today. I think the crap weather has been pushed off until tomorrow. I had the windows open all day, the front door was open so the cats could go out on the porch. Just amazing. On top of that, I cleaned the house (it really needed it... did nothing to it last weekend), Ken finally picked up his office..... And then things changed. LOL.

I'm going to a wedding next month and I really don't have anything to wear. I could wear my suit, but I bought that a year and a half ago and I now look like David Byrne in it. Only David Byrne's suit fit him better. So, Ken dragged me out this afternoon to go suit shopping. I told him I really didn't want another suit. I don't ever have an occasion to wear it and I felt it would be a waste. We compromised and ended up just buying a coat. This way I'll have something and can always just grab a pair of appropriate-to-the-occasion pants to go with it. I HATE shopping for clothes like this. Really, really hate it. I don't know where my aversion first started. I've had it as long as I can remember. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my general body shape. I have a tall torso, so I need to buy tall clothes. And I've always had problems finding them. Luckily I now have a bunch of stores I can try and usually find something. I realized half way through the shopping adventure that I was copping an attitude and I couldn't pull myself out of it. Once the new clothes were purchased, I apologized to Ken for my pissyness. He asked me why do I still get like this and I told him that whenever we go shopping like this, most times it ends in disappointment for me. He called me out on that, as he should have. This trip was a complete success, thanks to him. I'm lucky to have him. I really don't know of anyone else who could put up with my bullshit like he does. And what's funny is he says the exact same thing about me.


Melanie said...

Hee. Ken's a big ol' sweetie, and so are you, so you deserve each other!

Nessa said...

Three hun...dred six...ty five de...grees! Burning down the house! whoaaaaa!


I bet you look all sorts of sexy in your new clothes. :)

kudos to ken, now give him some candy ;) and by candy I mean your pean!

Melanie said...

I do know what you mean about the clothes shopping, though. I'm usually torn -- I LIKE shopping for clothes, but it's always so damn hard to find something that's gonna look good on a heroic frame that also possesses a bodacious set of ta-tas. A hell of a lot of big girl clothing assumes a normal or small cup size in relation to the frame size, which on me looks like June is busting out all over.

And people wonder why I took up sewing as a hobby...

erik98122 said...

I hate shopping for clothes and playing dress up too! Your not alone! If I could be in shorts and a tshirts for the rest of my life I would be happy. I remember I had this one job where I had to actually wear a suit and tie daily. Double GACK!