Doctor Who - Partners In Crime

Hot diggity damn. New Doctor Who premiered tonight in Britain. The Doctor is back! Donna is back! The premiere episode was better than the Christmas Special, but not as good as it could have been. The plot was just a little too far over the campy line. A diet pill that helps the fat just walk away. Literally. Turns the fat into aliens for the purpose of reseeding a planet. I don't know about that. The main bad guy was basically a Supernanny. Uh, no. But we got some great bits in spite of this. When Donna and the Doctor finally cross paths with each other... I laughed out loud. Loud enough to wake Ken up, who fell asleep on the couch. The Doctor is still feeling the sting of losing Martha and has proven he's still hurting over the whole Rose thing. And Donna, being Donna. She's going to be a hard character to write. You want to be true to her spirit, but she walks a very fine line between loud and boisterous free spirit and campy sit-com character.

I'm thrilled the show is back and the next three months are going to be geekster heaven for me.

And if having the Doctor back isn't geeky enough, I hit a major score today at the mall. The cd chain I used to work for recently began carrying DC Direct action figures. (They couldn't carry them while I worked there and got a discount... nooooo.) I was poking around the store this afternoon, looking at the toys only to discover a sign stating that all action figures were now 50% off. Guess who loaded up? Yup. Me. I bought the three New Frontier figures I didn't have already and a Gorilla Grodd from the Justice line. Randy, the store manager, told me that the discount might get bigger shortly. The store is moving into a new location and they're trying to get rid of as much stuff as they can before the move. I guess this means this location isn't planning on carrying them anymore, which makes me sad. Bah. But I got 4 figures for $27 before tax.

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So, how many action figures do you have now?