Another Quickie

This is going to be a short one. I intended on writing a longer one earlier, but I stayed away from the computer most of the day and I'm itching to go read now.

First, it looks like my Frappr map is kind of working again. I've got a few new faces on it and that makes me happy. If you're so inclined, try to put yourself on it. If it works, cool, if not, FINGER.

Second, it's weigh in day. I was 195 today. I'm stoked. Okay, true confession time. I was actually 195.9, but I don't count that pesky decimal. I saw a 1, a 9 and a 5. That's 195 to me. I'm one step closer to my ultimate goal of never seeing a weight in the 200s again. Three nights this week I weighed less than 200 at bedtime. That's huge. A couple more pounds and I'm there. To celebrate, I brought home some Skinny Cow from the grocery store. It's been longer than I can remember since I've had ice cream. Now I have enough for the whole week. Hot diggity damn!

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