I Left The House

For real. Without kicking and screaming. I left my house willingly today. Who the fuck am I? My plans for the day were simple. Play online a little, clean the house, read, take a nap. I was going to have a relaxing day. Until Ken says, "I want to go to this nursery. The catch is, it's in Litchfield, CT. But it's where Martha Stewart likes to shop." My natural reaction to something like this is to roll my eyes. He must have caught me in a moment of weakness, because I said, "Sure." So off we went. The place is about two hours from here. The drive was nice, mostly through local and back roads. Half way there, I saw a sign for Danbury, CT. When I was a little kid, about nine or ten, we lived in the next town over from Danbury. I mentioned this to Ken, so after the nursery, we went to Danbury and Bethel. It was another 45 minutes to get there, but what else did we have going on? Not much. We drove around and around and then we found it. The house I lived in when I was nine or ten. The place looked so tiny and small. I don't remember it being that small when I lived there, but the difference in perspective between a 10 year old and a 41 year old is quite different. The neighborhood looks so much smaller, but in reality, it's not. I showed Ken where I fell off my bike and blacked out. I showed him my school, though I really have no recollection of going to school when I lived there. I showed him where the store was that I would buy my comics. Sadly, it's gone now. It was a really fun day. I'm glad we got out and did something, even though driving across three states isn't nearly as cheap as it used to be.

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Melanie said...

You had a much more active Saturday than I did!