Snow Day

I got up this morning and turned on the tv as I got ready for work. They were showing all these school closings and I was very confused. Didn't quite know why everything was closed. Last I heard we were going to get some flurries today, nothing else. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, the forecast changed. We got our first storm of the season today. Snow started around 11 this morning (maybe earlier, I wasn't paying attention) and it's still going at 5:45. We're only supposed to get 4" to 6", but since it's the first real snowfall of the season, everyone is freaking out and losing their shit. When noon hit today, 2/3 of the office left. It was quieter than a Friday afternoon today. Amiee convinced me I should go to, so I left at 1. Took 50 minutes to get home. Waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes until one of the buses that could get me close to home arrived. Two of the buses drop me off within yards of my house, but a different one came first, so I took that. It's a ten minute walk from where that lets me off. I didn't care. I just wanted to get home and any movement was better than none.

I live in the Northeast and we have lots of firsts with snow every year. A couple of weeks ago we had our first snow. It was just enough to coat the ground but not enough to shovel. The type that lasts for a day or so before it's gone. Today we had our first snowstorm. Like I said before, it's only supposed to be 4" to 6" inches. This weekend coming, we may have our first Nor'easter. All the weathermen are too scared to say anything about the storm for fear of being really off. Depending on the track of the storm, we may get hit and hit hard. Or completely missed. We'll see.

I had to end a friendship today. That's never easy, but the person I'm shunning did something so completely and utterly evil that it made it easy to pull the plug. My friend Holly sent me the most decedent package of love. Chocolate truffles, peppermint bark and my favorite peanut butter balls. I nearly went into a diabetic coma sampling them all. How fucking evil is that? But so damn good. Thank God it's snowing out because I needed to shovel the driveway to try and undo some of the damage I'm planning on inflicting upon myself. LOL. Thank you so much, Holly!!!! And if all goes according to plan, I will be ending another friendship tomorrow. (Yes, Nessa, I'm talking about you!!!)

I'm having another computer issue. The dvd burning software that came with the computer isn't acting correctly. It won't recognize .avi files and won't burn them. I've tried researching a fix, but I'm struck out. Thought I found one, but it didn't work. I now have an email in to tech support. I'm not holding my breath. I found out last night it wasn't working properly when I tried to burn a couple episodes of Land of the Lost for a friend at work. We were talking about that and Brady Bunch and stuff like that, so I thought I'd bring her in a little giftie today. I found another program to burn the dvd, but I don't really like it too much. I guess all that counts is she got her Will and Holly Marshall as well as some Brady Bunch tunes.

I found this on another blog today and properly stole it to show here. Evidence that Jughead Jones is a big fat homo.


Nessa said...

I didn't get Holly's box (haha) today and i was sad. Walt, mine will probably be stale by the time you get it, so you won't have to eat them, thus we can still be friends! :)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I'm thinking the mailman must have eaten Nessa's box! I won't tell Derek, though.

Walt said...

Yeah, Derek will be mad, because I remember hearing him telling the QCast boys Nessa's box was for them.