Christmas Is Coming

And for some reason, I was actually inspired to start and nearly finish my shopping tonight after work. I was going to stay and do some overtime tonight, but Ollie needed food and I needed to go mail a package, so I left to go do these errands. And I managed to get almost all my Christmas shopping done. All I have left is something else for my sister (her list was very short and now I need to find something else for her) and my uncle (who the fuck knows what I can get him!) I feel very accomplished. And to top things off, I bought myself a present, too. The new Rufus Wainwright came out today and I needed to have it. Double disc recreating the Judy Garland Live At Carnegie Hall show. I've uploaded both albums to my iPod and will listen to them back to back tomorrow.

Because of all the running around, I made zero progress getting the new computer further set up. And I didn't read any of my usual blogs. There's always tomorrow.

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