Aches, Pains and Worries

I hurt. I'm sick of shoveling the driveway. Times like this make me miss having a landlord. This morning was the third time I shoveled the snow from this weekend's storm. The plows buried the front of the driveway and the only way to get out was for me to dig us out. Naturally Ken was still asleep while I was doing this and when it was done, he suggested that I should have woken him up. Yeah, whatever. All I know is I hurt and it'll be another day or so before I feel better.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the last two days of the year that overtime is available at work. I need to get a little bit of time in while it's still available. I try to get a minimum of two and a half hours in a week. You see, I work a 37 1/2 hour week, so the first 2 1/2 hours of overtime each week if comp time. Anything over that is time and a half. So at the very least, I try to get my comp time in. I was able to take two weeks off for vacation this year and charged it all to my comp time and still had a week's worth left over. Anyway, I'm getting worried about how much overtime I'll be able to do in the new year. At work I'm one of the support staff. I'm a floater and I work with a bunch of different units. One unit in particular is where I get most of my overtime. They've been seriously understaffed for about a year. Just recently they've filled up all the open positions and with a full staff, the backlog of work is quickly getting done. That's what I've been working on to make some extra money. I've been assured that there's still plenty of other things that are so backlogged that I'll be able to pump out as much o.t. as I can stand. We'll see.

And just so I'm not all crabby, all the time, I want to thank Nessa for the box of love that was waiting for me when I got home tonight. Sure, you're going to make me fat, but it's worth it!


Mr. Bee said...

I guess I should not tell you that on Sunday I was out mowing the lawn and by mowing the lawn I mean cutting the grass. So I won't.
I also got Nessa's box (did that sound right). We devoured some last night while watching Superbad. YUMMY!

Nessa said...

Well, Walt think of it this way, you need a boost to shovel the drive way :) Glad you (and Mr. Bee) enjoyed the goodies!