Ego Boost

Saw an old co-worker in the lobby of the building this morning. He commented that I looked really good and we talked briefly about my weight loss on the elevator ride. Didn't think anything else of it until my phone rang around 10 o'clock. It was Mike calling to ask more about how I lost the weight. He says he really needs to and was wondering if I could give him any advice. Me. Giving advice. I told him the basics of what I did and told him that if I could do it, he'd have no problem. I'm still floating off the ground a little bit about that.

And of course I ate for shit today. Candy and pizza, though I avoided most of the other temptations that were laid out all over the office. Today was the biggest food day I've seen there in months. I still have some candy in my desk for "emergencies."

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Nessa said...

you know, I would like to hear some advice too. I know you walked a lot...but what kinds of foods did you eat and what ones did you avoid (other than the obvious ones)

You should write a newsletter! or start a podcast :X hehe!