I'm making progress. The new computer is almost exactly where it needs to be. Tonight I installed Quicken (and paid some bills. How novel.) and Microsoft Office. I set up mail filters and new sub-folders for the sorted mail. Got Norton installed and up and running. I went through all the bookmarks I have (from several computers) and organized them. I feel really accomplished. Now I just need to grab that last load of laundry from the dryer and I'll be done for the night. I can settle into bed and watch tonight's Project Runway.

I found out today that my friend Sharon's store is going to be closing mid-January. It's no surprise. She's been suspecting this was going to happen for a while. It's just so nice that the home office decides to tell her three weeks before Christmas. Most of her staff will have jobs in other stores, but not all. She's not sure where they'll be moving her yet. Hopefully this is going to be the push she needs to find a satisfying job.

In similar news, I heard from my friend Bill the other day that his coffee shop just went out of business. I feel so bad for him. He's talked about doing something like this for years and he finally went and did it. It just didn't work out for him. That sucks out loud.

I know I have about a million other things I wanted to jot down here, but my head is going about a hundred miles a second and nothing is going slow enough for me to catch. There's always tomorrow night after Survivor.

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