Deja Vu

So, with the Vista drama behind me now, it was time to get another new computer. Dell still sells some models with XP installed. The new one arrived today and I've been trying to get this sucka all set up. It's going to take a few nights of playing to get everything loaded and organized. I'm having a blast doing it so far. Right now I'm moving my iTunes library over. Still have 45 minutes of moving to go.

The new monitor is amazing. It's a 22" widescreen monitor. I feel like I'm at the movies, it's so big. It makes Ken's 19" widescreen look positively teeny.

With all this set up, I'm falling behind on my day-to-day websurfing. I'll hopefully be caught up by the weekend.

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Mr. Bee said...

Congratulations and good luck with the new computra!