What A Crazy 24 Hours

So last night I wrote that I was going right to bed after finishing up the post. And I did. I climbed into bed, read a comic, turned the light out and fell to sleep. For about an hour or so. Ken tried to gently wake me up around midnight. At first I thought I overslept and he was trying to get me up for work. Not the case. Not even close. He was having terrible heart-attacky chest pains and was so freaked that he needed me to take him to the hospital. So I got up, kept my composure (probably because I was still half asleep) and drove him to Albany Med. I dropped him off in front of the hospital and went to park the car. I was in the hospital about five minutes after him and he was gone. So I went to the waiting room and sat down. Ten minutes later a nurse came to get me to bring me to him. He was in a lot of pain by this point. A lot of pain. The left side of his chest felt like someone was sitting on it and stabbing him, at the same time. And the tests began. Luckily, heart attack was ruled out first. They ran more tests throughout the night. He was given a nitro glycerin pill to help with the pain and he had a really bad reaction to it. His blood pressure dropped through the floor (I believe it got down to 64/40. Normal blood pressure is 120/80, I believe.) But it helped with the pain. He was given morphine a little while later and had an even worse reaction to it. It's horrible watching the person you love more than anything suffer like that. Anyway, at 3:15am they were ready to give him a CT Scan and he told me to go home. The doctor had decided there was no way he was going home last night. So I went home and tried to go to sleep. I think I got almost three hours of sleep before the alarm went off. Yeah, I went to work today. There wasn't anything I could do to help, so I went in. And I managed to make it through without losing my shit or consciousness.

I got home from work, fed the cats and beelined to the hospital. I wasn't sure he was going to be coming home with me or not. He'd heard from the different doctors that he was either going home tonight or going home on Monday. They were still running tests on him when I got there and they were waiting for the results of one test in particular before they decided if he could leave or not. Those results came at 8 o'clock. His blood work was still looking normal, so he was discharged.

I'm so fucking tired right now, I hope this is making sense. As it stands right now, the doctors can't figure out what was wrong. He has a couple more tests he has to do so hopefully they will show something. And all I want to do is sleep.

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