I Can't Think Of A Title For This

Just got home a short while ago from my friend Christine's 40th birthday party. I've known Christine since the late 80s when we both worked in the mall together. She worked at the shoe store and the record store. I worked across the hall from the record store and the mall was a very social place. Everyone knew everyone. She started dating a friend of mine, though ended sort of poorly. But I always thought she was a good friend. As the years went on, as it's likely to happen, we drifted away from each other. I moved to Albany, she got married and moved to Atlanta.

A few years ago, Ken and I had a housewarming party as encouragement to get unpacked when we bought the house. I sent invitations to everyone I knew, whether they lived locally or half way across the country. Imagine my surprise when Christine rsvp'd that she'd be here. What I didn't realize is that she had just moved from Atlanta to New Jersey, but she was going to be in the area that weekend. I was so happy. I think she was a little uncomfortable when she got here and realized that none of our mutual friends made it.

At Christmas this year, I got her Christmas card and saw that the return address was back in the area. I meant to get in touch, but it didn't happen. About a month ago I got an email from her saying her husband was going to throw her a 40th birthday party so I should be on the lookout for an invitation. I have to tell you I was nervous as hell about going to the party. I really didn't know who she still knew, I had no idea about who would be at the party. I'm just not very comfortable in social situations. With Ken being in the hospital, I thought this was my opportunity to blow off the party. But he was discharged on Friday, so there went my excuse. So I bit the bullet and went. I figured that it must have been pretty nerve wracking for her at my housewarming party. So just grow up and know that's it is good to step outside of your comfort zone.

The party started at 3 o'clock today. I live about an hour or so north of her, so I figured that if I left at 2:30, I wouldn't be too early. I got there at 3:30 and was about the only one there. My heart was really beating quickly. It was just me, her husband and her in-laws. Luckily, about 10 minutes after I got there, some old friends showed up. I was THRILLED to see Lisa and Louise. It didn't occur to me until Lisa said it, but I haven't seen either of them since Lisa's 30th birthday party. She's having her 40th in September. It doesn't seem like 10 years. More like 10 months.

I was planning on staying for an hour or so, but ended up leaving nearly 5 hours later. I had such a good time. I really can't wait to see them again. Plus, Louise said I could have one of her Grammys. I'm going to make her keep her word if it kills me. :)

I tried to eat well at the party. I made a vow that once I hit the 230s, I'm going to have a shitty but fantastic meal. Maybe a huge plate of nachos or a greasy cheeseburger or something. I'm not there yet, but I was at 240 this morning. These last 10 pounds seemed to have melted off rather quickly. I know I'm about to hit a plateau and that's fine. But not before I see 239. I had 7 or 8 Diet Cokes (and 1 beer.. I figured that since I grabbed some mac & cheese, I could indulge a little bit with some booze, if 1 beer counts...) and I'm sure all the soda is going to make me retain something. I feel a little queasy after all that soda.

I'm including a picture from Ken's photoblog that he took of me while he was in the hospital. I'm sitting on his bed and I look exhausted. I was, but I think I look pretty good, too.

Oh, that reminds me. Lisa and Weez said that I looked the exact same as I did 10 years ago. I take that as a huge compliment. I only wish they got to see me a year ago, though, so they'd be even more impressed with the weight loss.

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Tony Z™ said...

Oh my gosh! Is Ken alright? Somehow I totally missed the posts on the 22 and 23 and had no idea this was happening. I read this one that said he was in the hospital and almost freaked out!!

I'm glad you went to Christine's party, hooked up with old friends and had a good time. That's wonderful!!

240? 240!! That's awesome!! How come you haven't been posting about your progress? This is so great!!! Keep it up!! Woo woo!

And how is Ken doing?