My car has been driving funny for a while now. Whenever I hit a bump, the back end feels like it bounces all over the road. Since I needed an inspection anyway, I brought the car in and asked them to check it out. I found out today that I need a new rear stabilizer. He doesn't have the part in stock, but should have it for tomorrow. Not so bad since I usually don't need my car during the week. Bad news, though, is my warranty ran out in January and this is gonna cost about $450. So much for the overtime I've been doing. And it looks like I'm going to be doing some more.


Tony Z™ said...

I hate cars.
I took mine in a few weeks ago to get the air condition "recharged" (or whatever), and found out they had to replace pretty much the whole thing. Ouch on the savings. But I couldn't really say anything as I'd had it recharged 3 times last summer and it never lasted more that a couple weeks, despite the claims that the "leaks had been fixed..."
Now I'm having some sort of battery problem. Last night the car wouldn't start. No grinding, nothing. The dome light would give off a faint glow until I turned the key, then went black.
I had left the key turned one click after the last attempt. With the door open, I was talking to a friend, trying to figure out what was going on. As we talked, the dome light got brighter, and suddenly the dashboard lit up and the air came on. I tried turning the key...and it started right up.
I've started 3 times today with no drama.
I took it to Advance Auto Parts, they checked the battery and alternator and found nothing wrong.
So I have no idea, I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days...
I hate cars.

Walt said...

This is the first time I've had to put any work into a car of mine in probably a decade. Up until this car, I've leased my cars. Then the law about liability changed in NY State and many dealerships stopped doing leases right around the time my last lease was up. This forced me to buy, which I don't mind. Just sucks that it was such a costly repair.

What are you driving?

Tony Z™ said...

A Dodge Neon cuz it was cheap...until now.

So this morning it didn't want to start again. So when I finally got it started, I drove straight to Firestone.
The battery had corrosion on it and it had destroyed the negative cable connection (or something I don't know). They had to replace the battery and the cable.

I really hate cars.