Ramblings For Sunday June 3

I was at 250 at my weigh in today. I'm not frustrated, though. I know I had a couple of days of poor eating this week (and I do mean POOR), and I actually expected worse results. I'm back on track this week.

My feet are killing me. Last week I really went overboard with my walking. This weekend I'm paying the price. The neuromas in my feet aren't appreciating all the walking I've been doing. My feet were feeling okay this morning, so I went out for what was supposed to be a shortish walk, but turned into a super-sized one. I'm paying for it now. I have to not go walking this week, at least until the neuromas calm down.

It's only about 8 o'clock, but I could go to bed right now.

I'm having issues with Lucy right now. First, a little background. She's got a very delicate digestive system. She can only eat certain foods or she ends up with explosive diarrhea. Ollie, on the other hand, can eat whatever the fuck he wants. So at meal time, the cats need to be monitored to make sure Lucy doesn't get into Ollie's food. What's frustrating about this is Ollie is a picker. He'll eat a little and be done for now. Then he'll want a little more later. Then a little more later. Lucy, however, will eat everything put in front of her and then want more immediately. Anyway, when Ollie finishes his food, I need to take what's left and wrap it up for later. Sometimes I put a bowl over his bowl, sometimes I wrap it in aluminum foil. No matter what I do is temporary because Lucy has figured a way to get into his food no matter what I do. The aluminum foil trick is the latest. I went in the kitchen last night and found the foil around his bowl had been savagely ripped apart and the contents of his bowl were gone. She's too smart for her own good. The day that she managed to flip over a pasta bowl that was concealing Ollie's bowl made me both proud and scared.

I got these boffo Wonder Woman comics in the mail on Friday. I haven't purchased anything lately on ebay. I'm trying to fill in holes in my Wonder Woman collection. This was the last costumeless Wonder Woman I needed, I believe. I'm psyched.


Just another southern gay guy said...

The comics - you said they're costumeless. Did they put her in costume on the cover, but without inside?

The animals look like donkeys, not horses. Does the story say?

Like so many gay boys, I love me some Wonder Woman. But I admit to not being up on all her history.

Walt said...

The wedding cover, that takes place during Wonder Woman's costumeless phase. She lost her powers and wore a fierce white pantsuit during that run.

I haven't read the issues yet, but I'm guessing the animals depicted on the cover are Kangas from Paradise Island. (And she was in full costume in this issue.)

Tony Z™ said...

Poor Lucy, she's her own worst enemy. :( But pretty darn clever, apparently.

So, at what point does your Wonder Woman collection become a complete run (from which issue forward do you have them all)? And what's your oldest?
As much as I love her, I just don't feel the desire to have most of the 60s stuff. I like the golden age and then the 70s more. I don't know why.

Walt said...

My list of what I need/what I have is on the other computer, so I can't totally answer your question. The newest issue I need is 206. I have everything else from the issue with Supergirl (174? 175?)up, as well as a couple select issues prior to that. I don't know how much further back I'm going to go. I wanted to get the whole costumeless run up and I'm one issue away from doing that. I've got the Archive books and I'm loving that the Ross Andru run is going to be collected. I know you aren't hot on that, but I am.

Dane said...

God, did I ever love the fierce white pantsuit phase.

Walt said...

I think you should get one. Imagine hot much hotter you'd look in it? Especially if you could exhibit some judo moves, too.