Sunday weigh in showed me something scary. I was 245 today. 245. According to the body mass index site I was just at, that means I'm now overweight, not obese. At least for today. I know I'm not at a solid 245 yet, but this gives me lots of hope. And it makes me happy that I fought off the urge for McDonald's breakfast on the way in to work on Saturday.

I managed to get out for a lengthy walk today, my first in a week. I don't want to over do it again. I can still feel the neuromas in my feet, but they aren't too bad right now. As long as I can keep them happy, I'm happy.

Not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I could really use another day or two off. Ken's taking Monday and Tuesday off. I'm a little jealous. But I have a couple of events coming up that I'm going to need to take days off for. At the end of the month, Sharon asked me if Ken & I wanted to go to the Great Escape amusement park with her and Eric. Also, I got an e-mail from my old roommate Paul. He's back in NY for the month and wants to get together. Plus, his ex-girlfriend e-mailed me that her husband is giving her a 40th birthday party and I should expect an invitation in the mail soon. And since we're talking about me socializing (which is so not like me), I got another e-mail the other day from Melanie. She's going to be in Saratoga in November and wanted to know if I was close to it. The answer is yes and we're going to get together when she's in town. This is way more socializing than I do in a year. Who am I?


Tony Z™ said...

Would it be wrong to say "Yay! You're overweight!!"? Just doesn't sound right...

But HOORAY! on the 245!! That is so awesome!! Keep up the great work!!!

Walt said...

Thanks for the praise. I really have been trying to be a good boy. I've gone back over the obese line this week and have come back down under it again. But it doesn't count until Sunday, so here's hoping I've been able to stay enough on track not to make me cry. In a bad way, at least.