I've been meaning to organize all the digital pictures I have for some time now. We've got about a dozen cds full of pictures, but they aren't organized in any way, shape or form. So I uploaded them all to the computer today and began sorting. Here are a bunch of pictures of me that I found.

(By the way, Ollie jumped up on the keyboard while i was doing this and managed to delete my entire entry. Grrrrr.....)

Damn, look at how young I look. And thin. This was taken most likely in 1994. I miss that hair, too.

From the late 80s. I was so fucking drunk in this picture, I wonder how I was able to stand up. That was a fun night.

Disney, two years ago. Part of a photo essay I had Ken take of me eating a Mickey Bar. It was for my friend Will, who I worked with at the time.

Most of the group of us who met up in Illinois to attend the Celebration for our friend, The Pink Princess. I mentioned her last week. Here we are, waiting to leave for the party. We look so damn hot!

About 5 or 6 years ago. Just got home from work. Still in my work shirt. Must have been an exhausting day.

Not a morning person. Never was. Never will be. This was taken at Ken's friend Jim's house in Salem, NH probably ten years ago. I miss that shirt.

In our last apartment, in my old painting shirt. I think this is about when we were moving from there to this house. That puts it about 4 years ago, give or take.

This is on my myspace page. I wish those Emmys were mine.

Circa 1991 (maybe 1992). Me and Andrea Marcovicci. She invited me to go see her show at the Algonquin in NYC and she would seat me at her table. I still have the info she wrote for me. Never did make it to see her.

Another picture from the Illinois trip. I'm drunk again, but I don't look it. I look thinner because of the black shirt. I love the patch job on the hotel wall. This was my friend Gregg's room. We had a party there after the party for the Princess.

On the phone with either my brother or his wife.

How not to look fat. Look up and stretch out your other chins.

Last year. All dressed up. I think this was at Charlotte's party for her husband.

Look at how fucking fat I got. This is me at my absolute heaviest weight. 300 pounds. I'm sick just looking at it. But then seeing my friends Lynn and Lori makes me feel better because they are awesome.

I know I posted this before, but I needed to show again that I'm not as fat as I was.

Finally, a picture of me and my friend Dane. Again, it's an Illinois picture. I love this picture. I love Dane. She's the fucking best!


Dane said...

Oh, baby, I love you too!

It's so cool, seeing all these pictures of you! (especially that you chose to post two that we are in together, and one I took of you.)

Congrats on the weight coming off. I'm so proud!

Walt said...

Thanks, sweetie. The picture of the two of us is one of my most favorite pictures, ever. I have a framed copy of it on the shelf in the bedroom and I'm so happy I get to see you every single day.

You're the bee's knees to me. Maybe I'll finally get around to writing you an e-mail, too!