Random Music

I want to play the random music generator game again. A fresher on the rules. Turn on your iPod or other mp3 player (or iTunes if need be), hit "next" and tell me the song. Repeat until you have 10 songs. No editing out embarrassing stuff. Here's mine for Friday night at 9:40 pm.

1) "Take Off Your Swastika" by Phranc from I Enjoy Being A Girl
2) "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman from New Beginning
3) "What's It Gonna Be" by Neil Diamond from 12 Songs
4) "Never Die Young" by James Taylor from Greatest Hits Volume 2
5) "Try" by Michael Penn from Resigned
6) "Dreaming My Dreams With You" by Alison Krauss from Forget About It
7) "What Do You Do/The Glory of Love" by Lyle Lovett from Lyle Lovett And His Large Band
8) "D.I.Y." by Peter Gabriel from Miss
9) "Music Box Dancer" by Enormous Richard from 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions!
10) "Big Bottom" by Pansy Division from Pile Up

Tell me your ten songs.


Gregg P. said...

These are always fun -- I have a very diverse library, and never really know what's going to come up!!! Here's what happened this time....

"Let Me Go," Randy Newman
"Is That You, Mo-Dean?," B-52's
"Outsiders," Franz Ferdinand
"Show Some Emotion," Joan Armatrading
"Not Ready to Make Nice," Dixie Chicks
"Thrust!" White Zombie
"When I Fall In Love," Nat King Cole
"I Don't Wanna Know," New Found Glory
"Alt.End," The Cure
"Father's Son," Tori Amos

Walt said...

Not a fan of White Zombie at all, but the rest I can do. I love the way the mp3 revolution has changed the way people listen to music. But I hate it, too, because it's made it so hard to listen to an album the way it's meant to be heard. But I love the how randomness of it all.