Off To Bed

I'm pooped. I've been whining about it all week. I'm actually going to bed right after I type this, whatever this will be.

I've been looking for some new podcasts to listen to. There's a list of the one I regularly subscribe to listed on the right of this text. But some days I don't have any to listen to, so I've been trying on some. I've been testing episodes of podcasts I've heard mentioned on some of the other shows I listen too. I tried the Nick Thomas podcast, but Nick is way too fucking intense and fucked up. At least in the few episodes I heard. I tried the Little Fatty Cast, but I found myself getting annoyed with it. I listened to a few episodes of There Are Some Who Call Me Tim and I'll probably stick with that one for a little while. I kind of liked some of DJ David J's show, so I'll stick with that for a while, too. On Tim's show, he had this guy Arthur on who has a show about being a gay American living in New Zealand. I'm going to try that tomorrow. I'm open to suggestions on some new shows to listen to. I'm not sure how many new ones I can fit in, but I'm willing to try.

I'm thinking about working this Saturday. I need the money after my car repairs of last week. And then Sunday I have a party to go to. My friend Christine is turning 40 and I haven't seen her in a couple of years. She's recently moved back to the area and it should be fun. But I'm going fetal already just thinking about it. It's taking me way out of my comfort zone. I don't know who will be there, if anyone I know is invited. I'm guessing Ed and Lisa will be there at the very least. I hope.

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