Welcome To Earth-2

This image was released by DC Comics this week. It may or may not be the cover to Justice Society Annual #1. When I saw it, I almost cried. For me, this is the most exciting comic book event on the horizon. I've always been a huge fan of the Justice Society and Earth-2. One of the biggest travesties in comics, to me, was when the multiverse was wiped out in Crisis On Infinite Earths back in the mid 80s. The Justice Society suffered quite a bit as a result of Crisis. Recently, DC brought back the multiverse and I was happy. For about ten minutes. The new multiverse consists of 52 earths and DC started assigning them all right away without giving it much thought. I think the fun of having a new multiverse is discovering the new earths one by one. But they needed something to fill that wretched Countdown series... I'm hoping the Final Crisis mini-series will undo some of the crap that we were exposed to in Countdown. Start those earths off fresh again.

But I digress. The image above shows the members of the classic multiversal JSA. It looks like members of Infinity, Inc have graduated to the JSA, and at least one member is back from the dead. I'm sooooo excited for this book to come out. Geoff Johns is my favorite comic book writer right now and I have all the faith in the world that he will give me a story that I'm going to want to read over and over again.

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Walt, I am going to have to ask that you use english when writing your blogs. ;) kidding! Yay for whatever that thingy is!