Two Days

I was below 200 pounds again today. This is great. It's two days in a row, my longest run since I was a teenager. I'm sure tomorrow is going to be a different story. There was candy all over the office today and I couldn't resist. Someone brought in Dove Dark Chocolate squares. I went a little overboard. Okay, maybe a lot. I still have a handful in my desk. I'm a glutton.

Part two of overcoming my petty fears.... I appeared on this week's episode of Terminally Single. I'd never spoken with Tim or Ryan before and I was a little freaked. But surprisingly, I was very comfortable and didn't come off sounding as nervous and jerky as I expected. Yay me!

I promised myself I would go lay down and read tonight rather than spend the night online. Looks like I lied to myself again. I need to stop this. I'm getting nothing done. I'm going to try and pry myself off the computer now. Wish me luck.

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