Positive Outlook

Remember, I'm having a positive outlook today.

My weigh in today wasn't the number I wanted it to be, but it was good anyway. I'm 202 this week. I broke out of my 203 rut. I was looking at the chart I track my weight on weekly and sort of had a wake up call. We're 9 weeks into 2008 and I've dropped 9 pounds. That's great. Sometimes it's hard for me to see the big picture. I get stuck on the little things and that's not good. All I've seen is me being "stuck" at the same weight for the last month. I didn't take into consideration that I had two really great weeks since January began. You have to balance those out somewhere. But I'm making progress again. I'm back down to my lowest measured weight (January 20th weigh in) and I feel damn good.

Ollie is telling me he's starving to death. The poor little thing. The cats get their dinner in about twenty minutes, but he's freaking out, acting like he just can't make it. He's on the floor, giving me the "tap tap" signal he makes when he wants food. He won't stop. It would break my heart if I had one. LOL.

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