I'm so happy I'm off today. To celebrate, I seem to be throwing the whole day away. Kind of. I haven't really done anything fun. Isn't that what days off are about? I did sleep in as long as Ollie would let me. He has this thing about letting me sleep past 8 o'clock or so. He usually will jump up on me and start tapping my head with his paw. He did this and I pulled the covers up over my head. Got back to sleep and slept almost until 9am. It felt good. I needed it. Got up, threw a load of laundry in, showered and headed out to the mall. Walked for an hour, ran to the pet store for food and then grocery shopping. Since getting home, I've done nothing.

Ken called and asked if I was interested in seeing Kathy Griffin again. Hell yeah! She's coming back to town in June. Someone Ken works with wants to go, too, so I guess we're double dating.

I should really motivate to go clean or something. I keep telling myself that if I do it today, the weekend is mine to lounge through.

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