Another "Bitching" Post

I wasn't happy with the week that just passed by. Seems like any idea I had to do something was sabotaged. Any plan I made, screwed up. Anyone who knows me knows I like structure. I thrive on a routine. I didn't get much of that. For instance, we usually go out to a specific place to eat on Friday nights. Just before it was time to go, those plans changed. Different restaurant and with another couple. I know this doesn't sound like it's anything big, but it was just a tiny piece of the week of wonkiness. I hate having to go socialize with people I don't know that well. I was starving and dinner was delayed by a couple hours to accommodate the change.

On Thurdays I like to get as much overtime in as I can. It's the first day of my work week. The energy vampires and the freak shows I work with wiped me out so much that I high tailed it out of there the second my work day was over.

On Wednesday, I planned on trying to join Archerr's group show. That was all fine and dandy until Ken called me, put a friend on the phone to tell me the front bumper panel fell off my car. This really kind of set me off. First of all, I'm on the bus, in front of a large crowd of people, unable to react properly. Second of all, he put someone else on the phone to make it all lighthearted. He knows better. Third of all, he has me call the dealership to arrange a drop off. I figure I have plenty of time to keep my recording plans, but then he doesn't show up at home for an hour and a half. Wednesday is now completely shot out of the water.

Friday night I get home and there's a message from my podiatrist's office, rescheduling my appointment. Second time in three weeks. If that's not bad enough, my foot is still hurting. Only I don't think it's the neuroma that's acting up. I think I may have broken or sprained something. It shouldn't hurt like this. I mentioned it to him last week and he kind of blew it off. I'll have to say something again this week.

Today I had plans to get together with Nessa and Holly to record our show. Only my mother-in-law invited herself over for lunch. Which meant I had to postpone my recording plans until this evening. That was annoying because we were having some major technological issues tonight.

I know I sound like a whiny little bitch, but I don't care. All these little things added up to be one big annoying thing and if I don't vent, I'm likely to explode.

Tomorrow begins a new week. I'm going to try and have a positive lookout for the week. I'm going to get up early and go walking. Then I'm going grocery shopping. The rest of the day I'm going to blow on myself. I'm doing nothing. I spent the whole morning cleaning and doing laundry today. I'm sick of it.

The end.


Melanie said...

Honey, if you can't vent on your own blog, where can you vent?

Nessa said...

Walt baby, I am so sorry you had a poopy week. I know that our recording didn't go perfectly, but i think we had fun and that's all that matters.

Enjoy your day to yourself. I am off to work :(!

Love ya XO

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Venting is good. Especially on your blog. Don't you agree, Pocahontas?