Love & War

A project I've been working on, on and off, is trying to hunt down every comic DC Comics published with a 1972 cover date. I've been searching for over a year, taking breaks when money is tight or whatever. I recently did an ebay search and picked up a couple more book. And they're beauties. One was a romance comic, Heart Throbs #142, while the other was a war book, Our Army At War #245. Opposite extremes in the DC line back then, but both just as good.

I like ebay, because I can usually get these books for pretty cheap. Going through a regular online comics site won't be inexpensive at all.

Another line of books I've been working on is the DC 100 Page Super Spectacular line. I'm down to needing just 6 of these suckers. And I won another on ebay last week. I don't have it yet, but I should any day now. The remaining few books I need are romance comics, and they tend to be the more difficult to find. This is the one en route to me...

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Nessa said...

walt, I would appreciate if you would write your blogs in english! Kidding! I think it's cool that you have a hobbie :)