No, not Friday. It's Thursday, but it might as well be Friday. I decided I needed a mental health day, so I'm taking Friday off. I have issues with taking time off that I just can't shake. Before getting my current job, I spent fifteen years working at the same record store. We had a very small staff and taking time off was next to impossible. It got to be something you just didn't do. If I had a doctor's appointment or some other chore or errand, I would try to plan it around my weekday off. If I knew I wanted to do something on the weekend, I would need to make arrangements weeks in advance to have the time off. It was always a huge chore and I eventually gave up trying or caring. Now that I'm in an office setting, things are completely different. I can come and go as I please, but I still feel guilty for taking time off. Right now, I have 42 days of time (not counting sick time) saved up and ready for use. I've only been there two years. I wish I could get over the guilts, but it's good that I haven't. I like knowing I have a huge cushion to fall back on.

Lunch this week has been a little annoying. I bring my lunch to work, eat at my desk while listening to my iPod and reading comics. I usually read the various Showcase Presents books that DC publishes. And I like to be left alone on my lunch break. For some reason, this week was the week that everyone insisted that talking to me was much more important than me reading Showcase Presents The Metal Men. Fuck off, people. I'm eating, I'm reading and I'm listening to Funplex. I'll talk to you after I'm done!

Crap. Ken just got home. More to follow.

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