Wednesday's Update

I'm purposely avoiding people online tonight. I'm too easily distracted and I'll end up chatting all night and get nothing done. I'm only going to be online long enough to type this up, sync my iPod and maybe poke around for some comics. I received a $10 credit from Mile High Comics. $10 off my next order, no matter how big or small. Yay me.

Top Chef starts in 45 minutes and I'm psyched.

My office is one small block away from the State Capital building. There are always news vans parked out front taping stories. Since the Elliot Spitzer story broke, though, I've never seen as many trucks parked out front as I have this week. Today was the single most cramped day I've seen yet. The overflow of news vans was unbelievable. I don't know how big a story this is outside of NY state, but inside it's huge. And since I live in the state capital, it's even huger. It's really a shame he turned out to be such a horndog hypocrite. He won the election by the largest margin in history, so people wanted him in office. But his love of whores really did him in. I know the prostitutes were very expensive, but if you've ever seen Elliot Spitzer, you know they earned every penny.

Clothes update: I'm even more screwed up about clothes than before. Ken ordered me some new clothes as a surprise. They arrived yesterday. He ordered all in XLT, my size. Well, I'm staring to think that I might not be an XLT anymore. Most of the things were so big (which I like), but too big. He's convinced I can fit into an LT now. Some of the things he ordered are going back and he's ordered me some replacements. I'm still freaked by this. A year ago I was in a 3XT shirt. And they weren't big on me. A couple of the XLTs fit like a glove, so I'm really confused by my size. He measured my neck today and it's 15 3/4". It used to be 20". I just don't know.

I think I'm giving on hope on Frappr. My map won't take new people on it. I can't figure it out. I've spent the last two nights playing around at the Frappr site trying to get it fixed with no luck. I'm going to leave my map there and maybe it'll start working again. I don't know. Try to put yourself on it occasionally if you want. One of these times it should take. Or ignore it. Bah!


Just another southern gay guy said...

That news is big everywhere, every minute. Personally I think prostitution should not be illegal - but it is, and he knew it.

What I really wonder, though, is about the money he put down towards future trysts: Can he get a refund?

Nessa said...

yea, your frappr map reverted to your old one. the pic I have on there now isn't what I put up when I joined a few days ago. I give up on your Frappr!