So "Happy Birthday To Me" is on vacation this week. I like that. It means the crazy factor drops exponentially. Or so I thought. At break today I was reading msnbc.com and a story about Hilary. Carl, a co-worker comes up to my desk and makes a comment about he thinks she should drop out because he'd never vote for her. She's a woman. Women can't lead. I couldn't believe my ears. Well, actually I could, but still. Just then, the guy that sits next to me pops up his head and starts going on a rant about how pure evil Hilary is. She single handedly gave the Chinese plans for some top secret nuclear missile when Bill was in office. She brought massive amounts of cocaine into Arkansas when Bill was governor. She's a member of the Bush Crime Cartel. Then he says, "Do you know how many people she's had killed?" to which I replied, "Twelve." He then says back to me, "Probably." My cube mate is a huge conspiracy theorist. It's all I hear about. I should know better than to look at anything on my computer that's even remotely political when he's around, even though I'm doing it in the privacy of my own cube. I can't deal with crazy well.

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Nessa said...

i hear a lot of comments about a woman has no place in the white house and it makes me angry. I'll show them white house! (with my foot up their ass)