Sunday Morning Quickie

Ken's best friend Jim just called. He asked if we wanted to meet him and his partner for lunch. While that sounds like a normal type request between best friends, this is different. Jim lives in New Jersey, so a casual lunch isn't an everyday occurrence. Jim and Mike are going to be in Woodstock today and that's close enough for us to pop down and meet them. This doesn't really go with any of my (rather loose) plans for today, but I'm all for it. First of all, I haven't seen Jim or Mike in forever, secondly it will get me out of the house (which I'm never usually for) and most importantly, away from the computer. I spent 90% of Saturday on the computer and I'm pretty sure that's how today was heading, even though I vowed to myself this was not going to happen.

One of the most enjoyable things I did on the computer last night was talk to my friends Nessa, Holly and Michael. It's the first time I've used Skype for talking (as opposed to IMing). I had a really good time, especially since my mental retardation and social anxiety didn't really kick in at all. (At least in my opinion. Not sure about the others.) I just wish for two things. One, I wish I had a glass of water with me. I got dry throat big time. Two, I wish I didn't distract myself editing songs in iTunes and writing emails urging people to Vote Emu at digitalmeatloaf.com (scroll down until you see the Adopt An Animal thread and Vote Emu!! Don't let that goat win.)

If it's Sunday, it must be weigh in day. I freaked myself out today. I weigh 202 pounds today. Two hundred and fucking two pounds. I don't know how that happened. That's 8 pounds in the last two weeks. It shouldn't happen like this, this far into the diet. I'm prepared for a rebound next week, but hopefully it will only be a pound or two. And I'm going to eat like a flippin' pig for lunch today, because I can.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

202!?!? Good for you!! That's fabulous! (you skinny bitch!!)

And for the record, you weren't retarded in the least! I had lots of fun with you guys last night!

Nessa said...

202! Fantastic! :)

And no you were not retarded, I was so nervous, I thought I came off retarded. It was fun! we should do it again very very soon so we get comfortable talking through the skype.