So I did it. I just placed an order for a new iPod. Ever since my Creative mp3 player was messed up, I've been bummed out. Sure, I've got a 2 gig iPod already, but it only fits about 400 songs plus my podcasts. I've been thinking about upgrading since the whole Vista incident, but I wanted to make sure I had the extra money before buying. The way I figure it, the new 80 gig toy is only going to set me back about $37. I had $100 in amazon.com reward certificates from my amazon.com Visa card and my mother-in-law gave me $100 for Christmas, which is still sitting on my bookshelf. There's $200 bucks right there. I think I can swing the extra $37. I can't wait to start uploading all my shitty music onto it. And QCast videos, too!


Random Nicole said...

80GB? jealous!!!! You totally deserve it.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Good for you! New toys are always fun!