Tough Night

Last night was rough. I got into bed and just laid there. I couldn't fall asleep. And while laying there, my thoughts drifted to Puss Patrell, my old cat. I started thinking about her a lot. And I started getting upset. I was just about two years ago (give or take a day) that I had to have her put to sleep. One day she stopped eating. A trip to the vet revealed a gigantic tumor inside her. It was pushing on her stomach, making her feel full. She was also dehydrated. The vet rehydrated her and we got to bring her home for what ended up being two more days. It was the worst situation I had ever had to go through in my life. I got Puss not long after I moved to Albany, back in 1990. She was this runty little thing, crabby as all hell and pretty much my perfect match. She was the single longest relationship I ever had. I still miss her every single day. She was the best friend I ever had.


Alex said...

Losing my dog was definitely the hardest thing I had to go through, too.

Nessa said...

I wish I could give you a big hug. It is so hard to lose our furry babies. So much pain, but so worth all the joy.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Oh sweetie, this makes me cry. Having to make that decision is the single worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. I mourned my dog Hannah, who we lost just over 2 years ago, much more than most human members of my family. I still miss her and think of her everyday. Heck, I still miss Misty my dog that I had to put to sleep in 1999. I had her from 1982 (when I was 11 years old) until May 3rd 1999. She was over 16 years old, and we grew up together. Animals are way better than people, if you ask me. (which nobody did...but I'm opinionated like that)

Hugs! It's ok to miss your baby.

Anonymous said...


I decided to look through your blog in hopes of finding some funny Frankenklinger posts and came across this post. I'm with Nessa. It is really, really sad, but worth the joy. You are obviously a good person. In my unsolicited opinion, people that understand and love and accept animals for who they are, are the best people on Earth. We're mean because people are always a bunch of bullshit, but animals are exactly what they are. They have no agenda, no pretension. Puss Patrell is super cute, and like you, I love the bitchy ones, too.

Just one more thing, euthanasia is sometimes the kindest, most loving, thing you can do, as difficult as it is.

I think she was lucky to have you, in good times and bad.