Quick One

Not too much to say or even too much time to say it, so this will be quick. Ken picked me up from work tonight because we had a wake to go to. Our friend Mary Jo's father passed away on Friday. The wake was today and gave me a really bad case of deja vu. Last March we went to her mother's wake at the same place. It doesn't feel like it's been almost a year. Really sucks bad for her and her sisters.

I vowed to not spend as much time on the computer tonight as I have been. This infernal box is sucking my life away and it should probably bother me, but it doesn't. In some strange way, the fact that it doesn't bother me bothers me. Does that make any sense?

I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with tv again. American Idol starts tonight and I'll be glued to it, I'm sure. It starts in a half hour. I think I need to start watching it while on the treadmill. I haven't walked since Sunday and that's a no-no.

Got a myspace bulletin from Julia Fordham that her new album is available on some website. I'm thrilled, but will probably wait for iTunes to get it. I'm lazy like that.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love to watch American Idol from the treadmill, also the Biggest Loser. Both shows I can walk and walk and not notice as much. It's a great workout! :)

Nessa said...

I am so happy they the two of you like American Idol! woohoo!

Just another southern gay guy said...

What did you think about night one of A.I.? I didn't catch Wednesday night, but laughed and hooted all the way through Tuesday night. And I cried for Temptress.