015 Showcase Presents Showcase

I love the Showcase series of DC reprints.  It's a fantastic way to read and collect a lot of old books in a very affordable format.  Printed on newsprint in black & white, it helps keep the costs down.  An average Showcase book is in the neighborhood of 500 pages, so you get a lot of stuff.

The particular volume of Showcase reprints it's namesake series.  Showcase.  It was an anthology book that tested out different ideas for potential new series.  It's interesting reading the initial 21 issues as DC tried to figure out exactly what to do with the book.  The first couple issues featured themes of firefighters, kings of the wild and frogmen before it landed it's first success.  The Flash.  This volume reprints four Flash issues.  I've read these stories before, reprinted in various formats over the years.  It's still good stuff.  There are also issues featuring the Challengers Of The Unknown, a team that I try so desperately to like, but I just don't, Space Ranger, Rip Hunter and one of my all-time favorites, Adam Strange.

I can't say anything bad about the Showcase books.  I love them.

Showcase Presents Showcase
Writer: Various
Artist: Various 
DC Comics

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