006 Metamorpho: Two Worlds One Destiny

This is the third trade I've read reprinting stories from the Legends Of Tomorrow anthology book DC recently published.  I was pleasantly surprised by the first two books I read.  Metal Men and Firestorm.  There was a real focus in both those books to start to undo the damage the New 52 did and to try to find the heart of the characters again.  To bring the books back to where they actually worked.  Metamorpho is slightly different, but very much the same in those regards.  As far as I can tell, this is his first New 52 appearance, so there isn't a whole lot of "fixing" that needs to be done.  If he has appeared already, I'm unaware of it.  This book is his New 52 (or Rebirth) origin story.  What I like about it is Aaron Lopresti has taken the core cast and thought about how they might have been introduced in a modern setting.  And it works.  Simon Stagg is pretty much Simon Stagg.  Sapphire Stagg, his daughter, is anything but a spoiled socialite this time around.  She's an accomplished scientist and it doesn't seem to take away much from the character.  It adds another layer, if you ask me.  The Sapphire of the 60s worked well then, but I can't see making her a Kardashian clone working well.  Java has been given an upgrade, too.  And again, I think it works well.  

While the story itself wasn't my favorite, it does show a lot of potential for the character.  DC remains true to Metamorpho, which makes me very happy.  I didn't much care for how the book ended, but hopefully that will be addressed in the near future.

Metamorpho: Two Worlds One Destiny
Writer: Aaron Lopresti
Artist: Aaron Lopresti, Matt Banning, Jonathan Glapion, Livesay
DC Comics

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